Weekend Blog Review

blog review


I found blogs in the past are extremely helpful when the author periodically provides the readership with other blogs on the internet that they have read and found intriguing.  Therefore, I hope to provide a blog on Monday’s that will give a short review (one or two paragraphs) on a blog I have read and then of course the link to the blog for the readers to go read for themselves.  Each one will provide 3-4 different engaging blogs each week.

Pray for Hobby Lobby and the SCOTUS Decision

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention provides a helpful article for Christians to think and engage in this weeks decision in the Supreme Court of the United States of America regarding Hobby Lobby and their seeking the ability to conduct business with the support of freedom of religion and with Christian conscience.

We as Christians ought to be particularly interested in this case since it could have far reaching implications for the future of business and religious liberty in America.

Fred Phelps and the Ant-Gospel of Hate by Dr. R. Albert Mohler

Fred Phelps passed away last week.  He was the Pastor of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas.  Westboro is most famous for its protesting funerals of US Armed Military and being most hateful towards the homosexual community.  Dr. Mohler provides some helpful thoughts on how we as Christians ought to respond to Phelps’ passing and how we ought to think about the way Westboro participates in the public square.

The New Calvinism Movement by Matt Svoboda

Matt is an old college friend and brother pastor in Tennessee.  I enjoy Matt’s blogs and find them to be helpful and clear in thinking through different issues.  In this blog, Matt gives a short reason why he is proud and excited to be involved in the new Calvinism movement in the Southern Baptist Convention and in broader Evangelicalism.

Many non-Calvinist’s (and Calvinist’s too!) misunderstand what this movement is all about, and Matt provides some clarity into the issue.  I also found the links in this blog helpful as well, such as the link to Kevin DeYoung’s post about this same topic.


The more we read the more information we gather.  I pray that mere information gathering would not be the goal of my reading or the goal of your reading.  Rather, I pray that as I read, as I write, and as I provide other helpful resources to read that our goal would be gospel growth in holiness and evangelism.  Our goal ought to be that the information we gather so spurs us on to love God with our minds and that would lead us to loving God with our actions.


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